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Why Join?
Why Join?
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About Well Traveled

We're a members-only social platform built for modern travelers. We make it easier for you to find, share and book places you actually want to go, vetted by a community you can trust. It's time to elevate your travel planning.


“I love to travel. In fact like most people I know, I prioritize spending on travel and experiences above most other things. I love exploring new cultures and I love getting lost in the sights, sound and smells of a new city. I love the excitement that starts to build after booking a flight or finding the perfect hotel for an upcoming trip. What I don’t love? TripAdvisor. What drives me nuts? Yelp reviews… I couldn’t figure out why I could never find trustworthy recommendations or reviews that were relevant to my personal tastes, budget or preferences.” And then it hit me. 


After one particularly frustrating afternoon spent scouring the internet for feedback from travelers I could actually relate to and coming up empty, I realized that the tools I was using were not designed for me. In fact, they were built more than 20 years ago (by a bunch of dudes) and haven’t really changed much since. Yet how we travel, what we prioritize when we travel, and even where we travel has changed so dramatically (especially in the past year!). I had a vision to build something better, something designed to serve the needs of a new generation of travelers, foodies, and adventure-seekers like myself... and Well Traveled was born.” - Samantha Patil, co-founder



We’re on a mission to make it easier for you to discover, plan and book incredible trips.



We represent a community where people can discover new places, plan their next adventure and connect with fellow travelers. From finding the right accommodations to booking incredible experiences and creating memories that will last a lifetime, we’re here to help. “Part of what makes Well Traveled special is our community. We’ve created a space for members to connect with other like-minded travelers making it easier for them to find relevant reviews and recommendations that fit their travel vibe.” - Casi Hough, co-founder



Our team personally reviews all applications to ensure community fit. Our members travel often and travel well and prefer to travel more like a local and less like a tourist. Being “Well Traveled” is less about finding the most expensive hotels or restaurants, and more about finding and sharing the diamonds in the rough and those can’t miss experiences; whether that’s the best BBQ in Austin, a girls weekend in Palm Springs or a mezcal tour of Mexico City.


Intrigued? Apply today to join our community. We can’t wait to meet you.